Self-Service Infrastructure with Elliot Graebert

In the second episode of The IaC Podcast, we sit down with Skydio's Director of Engineering, Infrastructure—Elliot Graebert.

IaC podcast cover photo featuring Elliot Graebert

About the Episode

On this episode of The Iac Podcast, we chat with Elliot Graebert, Director of Engineering, Infrastructure at Skydio—a cloud platform that supports advanced autonomous drones and enables organizations to fly drones directly from their browser.

We discuss with Elliot the rise of self-service infrastructure, Terraform Cloud and Terraform Cloud alternatives as well as their challenges and benefits, and how these tools can encourage IaC collaboration and cross-functionality across developer teams. Listeners will also learn how to balance accessibility to IaC in their organizations with standard security measures. Tune in today!

About the Guest

Elliot's initial background was in Software Engineering, and over the past 7 years, he started Palantir's first DevOps team as well as leading 4 internal infrastructure teams. As one of the first design partners for HashiCorp, he is passionate about IaC and the value of having a balance between SRE and SE. Elliot also writes about DevOps/infrastructure projects on medium.com/@elliotgraebert.

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